Wintery Memories

My grandson rode his bike to school despite the cold. He seems to enjoy the adventure.

For me back in the 60’s the quarter-mile I had to walk in the snow, ice, winter wind 10 or 20 below, up hill just to wait for the bus wasn’t always fun. Thankful for the little shelter house donated for our use. My daughter had a red snowsuit, given to her by Aunt Susie.

My mom, Gail Lee Martin, talked about freezing her cheeks and being able to see the fang marks where she’d been bit by a rattlesnake when living in the Flint Hills as a child. Walking to school in the deep snow only to find school cancelled ~ because the teacher couldn’t get there.

Snow in the Kansas Flint Hills


I gave a talk last month about the hats I’ve collected. Seventy-eight people showed up at Botanica on a rainy day to hear about the history of hats. They enjoyed the hat display and asked quite a few questions. For extra fun, they had a quiz to match the hat with the famous person. They all could match Davy Crockett with his coonskin cap, but they found it a little more difficult to match all 25 hats and people correctly.

The hats display moved to the Augusta Historical Museum if you want to see them. Here’s a few samples for a preview. such as George Washington woreThe photos are by my sister, Virginia Allain.

Cynthia Ross collected her poems for a new book and each one was matched with photos by her sister, Virginia Allain. It is now available. You can order it directly from the publisher. Preview it here (and at the end is a link to order the book).

Last Friday I saw a red fox in the yard; it looked back as if waiting for his mate. My neighbor told me she has been watching them in the mornings & had seen then just before we got home around 10:00 am today. She’s seen 4 little kits with them. Not sure where their den is but guessing it’s real close, maybe just below the grandkid’s trail.

We need to move the cars back so not to block our view of the foxes & then bring out 2 lawn chairs so we can watch for them later this evening. Sadly we don’t have windows on that side of the house.

Update May 19: I’ve enjoyed seeing the foxes again, but wonder if they are a danger to the cats. The foxes might help with our mouse problem.   (posting by Cindy on Facebook)

Kansas Autumn Days

Beautiful FALL weather this morning! I love this time of year, with crisp mornings, jacket weather, camping, tossing another log on the fire, roasting hot dogs on a stick.
We have a burn pile that needs to be torched, but have been waiting to do so after a big rain so we don’t burn down the countryside. (from Cindy’s Facebook page)

A Blue Heron was in our pond this morning looking for his breakfast. I find them so interesting to watch. They have keen eye sight so rarely can we get close enough to watch them let alone get a picture. Viewing him through the window is the best I can get.

Watch for Ticks

Just a reminder that ticks are out in plenty this time of year. Found 2 on me already this month. So if out working in the yard or garden or the kids just playing outside check for ticks every night. You don’t have to live out in the woods like we do to have ticks, because we had them when we lived in town.